Pure Porcelain Crowns

Pure porcelain has natural sheen that blends well with your real teeth. However, when it is fused with metal, it becomes more opaque and people can easily figure out your false tooth from the real ones.

Crowns of pure porcelain prevent blackish formation at the gumline, which is a common feature with porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. This black line mars your appearance and makes you conscious of your false tooth.

Pure porcelain may not be stronger than porcelain fused to metal, yet it has enough robustness to bond on the front teeth.

It requires highly skilled dentists who are familiar with advanced bonding technology to fix crowns of pure porcelain. On the contrary, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns require basic technique and knowledge to fix crowns that any dentist can do.

You may need to shell out extra dollars for all-porcelain crowns, yet the result gives you value for your money. The artistically designed crowns give you a beautiful smile that makes every dollar spent, worth its weight in gold. This means that if you’re here solely to enhance your appearance, you must choose nothing other than pure porcelain.


During your first visit, the orthodontist discusses your objectives for undergoing this dental procedure and expectations from it. He or she may also discuss the pros and cons of the procedure, along with providing dental care tips.

Next, he or she shapes your tooth for proper placement of the crown.
The dentist takes your tooth impression and matches the shade of the crown with that of your real teeth for perfect blending.

Once the impression as well as shape and color specifications are made, the dentist sends them to the laboratory where the ceramist creates the crown that is custom-made for you.

The dentist fixes the final crown to your tooth. You are ready to give a dazzling smile!

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